Know the Fundamentals of Pool Remodeling in Miami

Swimming Health Benefits

Swimming in healthful, clear water is the one exercise or  sport that has not changed with the advent of modern technology. You need  no electronics for pool remodeling in Miami style.  That is a very good thing, because Architectural Digest reports that there is not one person in the world who can say they do not want a pool in their backyard without lying.

Swimming Pool Remodeling in Miami: Ideas

If your pool does not present structural and/or drainage repairs, remodeling  can be done without sacrificing the children’s tuition fund.

LED Lighting comes in many colors, and is installed underwater, pool’s edge, or around  decking. There is no better way to put glamour into that grand old pool.

Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a solid way to remodel. It improves the pool appearance, but has the practical bonus of replacing something wearing out. If your pool has simple plaster, an update makes it  modern and trendy.  In 2016, many people select aggregate finishes in different colors and incorporate stones, shells, or other materials. You can personalize your pool without it costing more than installing a generic aggregate design.

Waterline Tile

Updating waterline tile modernizes your old pool. Combine it with deck and/or pool resurfacing, and behold, a brand new pool!

Simple Pool Landscaping

Your new pool should receive the amount of sun and shade you prefer, and be in an exercising model or one for leisurely  floating around with a margarita.  If you are a family, you need a wading center, and most areas require fencing for pools, whether you are a family or single. Pool remodeling Miami installs a “bird cage” or screened enclosure for swimming pools to thwart flying insects and curious children.

Landscaping magazines and architectural galleries display excellent inexpensive landscaping ideas for many types of swimming pools. Southern Living Magazine has many DIY landscaping ideas and photographs of decking, plants and accessories.

Do you know if you want a fresh or saltwater pool?

Saltwater Pool Remodeling

The trend in swimming pools today is converting to salt water.  Users declare salt water is gentler on the eyes, skin and hair.

Remodeling to Saltwater: Salt deteriorates every metal and decking material, and does it quickly.  All metal accessories around the swimming pool will rust and fall apart eventually due to exposure to the salt water.

As products dissolve due to saltwater, replace and consider it as part of the downside of converting to saltwater. Pool remodeling in Miami services carry a full line of the products most likely to deteriorate with salt.

If  a new pool, make it saltwater at the onset. Salt strength products are installed in a saltwater pool from below ground up.  If you are intent upon renovating your chlorine pool to saltwater, then do so knowing what will have to be replaced in time.

The New York Times publishes current and archives of informational articles on swimming pool use around the globe, including a video entitled, “Ode to a Diving Board.”

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