Keeping Your Pool Clean in Miami

The pool maintenance and service professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center are often asked about the various pool supplies and accessories that can help aid the enjoyment of owning your own swimming pool in Miami. One of the most common items we get asked about is automatic pool cleaners and how well they work. All Florida Pool & Spa Center carries a variety of automatic pool cleaners for residential and commercial use. Many think that buying an automatic pool cleaner means they don’t need to do anything else when it comes to cleaning their pool. In reality, an automatic pool cleaner simply keeps your pool in great shape until it’s time for All Florida Pool & Spa Center to come by and perform a scheduled professional cleaning. An automatic pool cleaner cannot add chemicals or do other important pool maintenance functions, it can only filter the water for debris. Call All Florida Pool & Spa Center now to speak with one of our pool specialists about an automatic cleaner.

There are two main types of automatic pool cleaners; suction and pressure. Suction cleaners are ideal for swimming pools in Miami because they remove fine particles such as sand from the water. Suction cleaners are easy to set up and do not require constant observation to work. You just set it up and let it go, perfect for a busy homeowner. Pressure cleaners require an extra booster that that has enough power to suck up larger particles and debris and place them in an attached bag for future removal. pump it out of the pool. Pressure cleaners are more effective at keeping your swimming pool clean, but they also cost more. Those who have pool screen enclosures probably don’t need a pressure cleaner because their screen keeps larger debris from getting in the water. If you’re not sure which pool cleaner to buy, let the pool cleaning experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center help you decide which type of automatic pool cleaner will work best in your situation.

Automatic pool cleaners are a popular item at All Florida Pool & Spa Center because they keep pools in great shape in between cleanings. There are a variety of automatic pool cleaners based on the size, location and style of your pool. A suction or pressure cleaner is not a substitute for professional pool cleaners however. It still takes the knowledge and expertise of a pool service specialist to keep your pool in great shape all year long. Call All Florida Pool & Spa Center right now for more information about automatic pool cleaners and pool service in Miami.