Install an AquaFit Spa with help from a Pool Service in Miami

Swimming pools are a fun place to relax. But they’re also great for exercise and staying fit. Swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise. But did you know there is so much more you can do to stay in shape? The professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center not only provide great pool service in Miami, they can also help install your very own AquaFit Systems exercise pool. These aquatic exercise machines, produced by Dimension One Spas, are designed to give you the ultimate experience in home aquatic fitness.

The AquaFit System is renowned for providing the highest quality hydrotherapy and underwater fitness on the market today. These spas give you the freedom and mobility to do more than just basic swim strokes. You can use the spa to walk, run, stretch, row and even strength train. It’s like having a complete underwater gym. One of the advantages of hydrotherapy is that it utilizes low impact exercise. This allows you to exercise and strengthen your body while it’s suspended by the weightlessness of the water. The resistance is provided by powerful jets which can adjust the water pressure to give you a powerful workout. Low impact exercise can bolster your cardiovascular conditioning and improves your strength without doing any harm to your joints.

With help from All Florida Pool & Spa Center, getting a great workout in Miami is now easier than ever before. Forget about throwing money away on gym memberships. The AquaFit spa combines the benefits of spa fitness along with the convenience of home hydrotherapy. The exercises are safe, easy and great for the entire family. AquaFit System spas also provide an excellent tool to help teach young children how to swim. The spas also come complete with hydrotherapy seats which also provide a great place to relax after an exhilarating workout. AquaFIT System spas come in four different sizes and models:

-AquaFit Sport
-AquaFit Play
-AquaFit Pro
-AquaFit Plus

These exercise pools are listed from smallest to largest and can be installed by the professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center in Miami. In addition to installing exercise pools, All Florida Pool & Spa Center also offers the latest equipment to help maintain your pool.  Choose from the latest line of supplies, including the best pool cleaners in Miami.  If your swimming pool has seen its better days, their experts can provide complete pool and patio renovations. For all your swimming pool needs in Miami, trust the pros at All Florida Pool & Spa Center.