How Can Pool Resurfacing in Miami Improve Home Safety?

If you’re looking to improve home safety, the answer may be found in pool resurfacing in Miami. It may seem like a stretch to imply your pool’s surface can actually bring heightened safety features to your home, but we don’t think so at all. Think about it: when your kids are swimming and splashing in the pool, you want them have fun in the safest way possible. However, when pieces of plaster are floating to the service and algae starts to grow, their well-being may be at risk if you don’t seek pool resurfacing immediately.

At All Florida Pool & Spa, we’re all about serving up pool resurfacing in Miami that gives your pool new look while sporting improved safety to boot. Resurfacing can also improve your home value by making it a positive investment thanks a nice-looking pool that guarantees safety for all swimmers. Needless to say, one resurfacing can go a long, long way!

The Improved Safety of Pool Resurfacing in Miami

A chipped, faded pool surface doesn’t just look bad; it’s also unsafe. Don’t turn your pool into a giant watery hazard for injury and contamination, and take a look at how the following can improve safety”

  • A Smoother Surface: When your surface starts chipping away, pieces of plaster will float to the surface. Your surface will also potentially have sharper, rougher edges, which can lead to serious injury if not treated properly. A resurfacing from All Florida Pool & Spa will provide your pool with a smoother surface that provides more durable plaster that can withstand a million pool parties.
  • Lower Chance of Algae Growth: Let’s face it: algae growth is gross. Not only is it incredibly unsanitary to allow algae and other harmful bacteria to grow, it can also give your pool an unsavory green color that more resembles a swamp than anything involving paradise. If contaminated water is consumed, it can lead to long-term health consequences and raise the cost of medical bills. A resurfacing can eliminate bacteria because if there’s anything that algae hates the most, it’s cleanliness.
  • Acid Washing: All Florida Pool & Spa will acid wash the surface of your pool’s surface to rid it of any harmful chemicals. While bacteria is certainly a concern, you must also keep a safe chemical balance in your pool water that won’t make it dangerous to swim. While resurfacing may not the first thing that comes to mind when you first think of chemical balance, it can play important role in keeping pool water safe.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today for pool resurfacing in Miami. If you value home safety, make an appointment with us!