Planning a Romantic Couples Hot Tub Night?

You could easily use a personal spa to accommodate your friends and family. However, nobody is going to get more out of your hot tub than you and your significant other. Hot tubs for couples are great way to spice up your love life while getting that much deserved rest and relaxation. But whether you are planning on buying something permanent for your home or just a weekend getaway, you are covered with the following tips.

Buying Private Hot Tubs for Couples

You can have the power to turn any night into a luxurious date night by purchasing a personal spa for two. For most people getting away can be an exhausting proposition. Take some time to browse from one of our highly recommended hot tubs for couples like EZ Spa by Dream Maker and the Sundance Maxxus. No need to worry about installation when you contact the experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center. They will take care of the headache for you.

Planning a Romantic Couples Hot Tub Night Out

For those of use with a little more time and burnable cash on hand, planning a romantic night or weekend getaway is sublime. Finding a room with an adequate hot tub included will ensure the stress of travel will melt away. Some of the finest hotels across Florida are known to house this amenity standard. Whether you’re coming to Miami from out of town or are planning on a luxurious night out, why settle for less than the best?

Hot Tub Games for Couples

Sitting in sultry silence might not be your thing. Games are a fun way to turn up the excitement in your hot tub experience. For instance, “Submarine” is a blast and all you need is a plastic Solo cup. Float the cup on the surface of the hot tub and take turns pouring water into it until one of you sinks it. What you do from there is up to you.

Couples Hot Tub Features:  EZ Spa and Sundance Maxxus

Portable hot tubs have a myriad of features which you can see illustrated between the EZ Spa by Dream Maker and the Sundance Maxxus. The EZ Spa offers a much more personal experience as it is smaller and contoured for two. The Sundance Maxxus is much larger with up to 57 jets for up to four people.

While many of these hot tubs for couples appear to be similar many of them offer completely different experiences so it is important to do your homework before purchasing a hot tub.