Common Hot Tub Repairs that Fort Lauderdale Spa Technicians Can Handle

Owning a hot tub provides the benefits of fun, relaxation and entertainment.  Additionally, a hot tub can increase the value of your home. However, operating a dysfunctional and maintenance-prone hot tub can be not only frustrating, but also, a drain on your wallet.  Common problems associated with a hot tub involve hot tub leaks, the water heater, circulation pump or motor. Often, minor problems can be fixed by the hot tub owner. However, for difficult problems, hot tub owners should seek guidance and consultation with hot tub and spa technicians.

Hot Tub Water Circulation Problems

If you open up your hot tub for the Spring season, and you notice that the water has become cloudy with a milky layer or texture, this is possibly due to the water filtration system not functioning properly in your hot tub.  The water filter could be dirty, or the water may have a high pH balance, or high calcium deposits.  Spa filters should be changed at least once per year.  A hot tub technician can install a new water filter cartridge that will help reduce algae growth and contaminants.

Hot Tub Heater Failure

If the water in your hot tub is not heating efficiently, the first step to troubleshooting is to check the thermostat.  The thermostat is connected to a circuit board.  If the thermostat is digital, check the sensors to see if there are any missing connections.  Another troubleshooting step that a hot tub repairs Fort Lauderdale expert can take, is to check water pressure levels.  Hot water relies on water flowing efficiently throughout the tub. If the flow of water is low, the hot tub filter may be dirty, or malfunctioning.  If the filter is dirty, this can also mean that the hot tub jets may be clogged as well.

Hot Tub Leak Repair

If there has not been proper maintenance performed on a malfunctioning filter, this could lead to your hot tub leaking.  Not taking care of this problem by a proper hot tub repairs Fort Lauderdale technician can lead to additional plumbing and hot tub parts problems such as worn o-rings.  Additional areas of concern where leaks can occur include the spa lights and the PVC pipes. Cracks in the spa light lens can happen whereas, water can seap into the light housing. Also, behind the spa jets, nuts and bolts can become loose due to gaskets that become deteriorated causing problems to the PVC pipe.

If a hot tub leak is not visibly seen on the outside of the equipment, then the hot tub may be needed to be taken apart to find out exactly where and what is causing the leak.  It will be important to shut the pump off, and drain the hot tub in order to limit the leakage, as well as not cause any further damage to your property.

Hot Tub Repairs Fort Lauderdale Specialists

The best way to avoid common hot tub repairs is to have Fort Lauderdale hot tub technicians at All Florida pool & Spa Center to provide routine spa maintenance on your unit.  Consult with an expert hot tub technician and get answers to these highly technical spa service questions. It’s experts like this hot tub and spa company which will handle repairs and maintenance such as clogged hot tub filters, malfunctioning spa jets, hot tub shell cracks, and hot tub pump problems so that you can rest at ease and ensure your hot tub is enjoyable.