Looking for the Best Hot Tub in Miami? Try a Sundance Spa!

Nothing beats kicking back after a long day at work quite like a relaxing soak in a hot tub. Plenty of people in Miami own a home with a pool, but not many take the extra step and compliment their pool with a new hot tub from All Florida Pool & Spa Center. Just like most aspects of our lives, technology has really improved the way people design and enjoy hot tubs and spas.

Sundance is one such spa company that designs hot tubs for a variety of different purposes. Some Sundance Spas are large and made for entertaining with their multiple seats and amenities such as cup holders. Others are smaller but with specific features like a lounge seat which focuses jets on the neck, back and legs simultaneously. Hydrotherapy tubs from Sundance are the pinnacle of backyard comfort and relaxation thanks to their high quality products and commitment to superior customer service. All Florida Pool & Spa Center in Miami is a full service authorized Sundance Spa dealer so stop by today and check out the huge selection of hot tubs and spas to choose from!

The health benefits of a hot tub are not to be ignored. Warm, circulating water has been proven to help with physical ailments like joint pain and stiffness, high blood pressure and even with weight loss. Many people choose to make hot tubs part of their recovery process following strenuous activities because hot water increases blood flow and circulation while also soothing swelling and inflammation in nerves and muscles. You don’t have to be a world class athlete to feel the improvements either. Those who add a relaxing soak to their nightly routine are far less likely to experience insomnia or other sleeping issues as hot tubs can release stress and aid in relaxation.

Soaking in a regular bathtub can be nice, but climbing into a Sundance Spa is like getting a full body massage from a professional massage therapist. Nobody has the time or money to get a professional massage every day, but they do have time to spend 20 minutes in their new hot tub from the best pool and Spa Company in Miami! All Florida Pool & Spa Center has a huge selection of hot tubs, spas and exercise pools to choose from all at competitive prices. Stop by today and wet test all the tubs we have in stock so you find the perfect hot tub in Miami to fit your needs.