The History of Hot Tubs

Technology is all around us these days and it seems like nothing can escape being swept up by the wave of innovation. While there are some things which hold on to their traditional essence, hot tubs and spas have not been immune to technological advancement and it’s all been for the better. All Florida Pool & Spa Center has a great selection of the newest tubs with the latest technology at their location in Miami. Those interested in learning more about hot tubs and spas should stop by and check out all the options.

Back in simpler times, a hot tub and a bath tub were pretty much synonymous. You had to fill it up every time with hot water and the water would get changed with every usage. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Japanese are all credited with using hot tubs for both cleansing and healing purposes and through their innovations, we have the modern spas used today. For example, in order to keep the water hot, ancient cultures would take hot rocks from a fire and place them in the water. When metal tubs were introduced, a wood fire could be built under the tub to keep it hot. Today’s hot tubs and spas have a far more complex heating system which maintains optimal temperature and the outer shell even has heat retaining features for improved efficiency.

The rumor is that the first hot tubs to appear in residential backyards began as wooden barrels which had been cut in half. It wasn’t until around 1970, when fiberglass tubs first appeared, that owning a hot tub became far more prevalent. Not only did fiberglass offer a level of cleanliness not yet seen in hot tubs, but they also allowed for the implementation of jets for both water circulation and hydrotherapy. Today, the placement of water jets is a primary factor for what model of hot tub someone purchases. Sundance Spas is one manufacturer with a focus on building spas which provides for the ultimate comfort and convenience.

A thousand years ago, only the rich and powerful used hot tubs because they were such a hassle. Today anybody can afford to own and operate a beautiful spa in Miami as it only costs pennies per day to keep it hot year round. It’s even cheaper for people in Miami as the warm weather means it doesn’t take as much energy to keep the tub hot. Spa companies are always looking for ways to make their products more efficient and less expensive to operate. All Florida Pool & Spa Center can help explain all the differences between new hot tubs in Miami thanks to their knowledgeable staff and years of experience. Stop by today!