Helpful Tips for Pool Cleaning in Miami

Though pool owners are certainly are accustomed to vacuuming and brushing a pool surface, it takes more than just a simple vacuuming to make your pool safe and ready to go. But luckily, there are several things you can do ensure your pool is 100% clean. What you shouldn’t do is put off cleaning until it’s far too late and you’re left with a dirty pool that will keep any houseguest away from taking a swim. Worse, your home value may lower simply due to a lack of pool cleanliness!

All Florida Pool & Spa is here to provide you with the best pool cleaning in Miami. We will leave your pool looking like a crystal blue lagoon that will make sure it’s the number-one destination for any future pool party.  Even better, and the pool cleaning experts at All Florida Pool & Spa are here to give you advice! The health and safety of our customers is our top priority, and we want to help make your pool swimmable for all!

Our All Florida Pool Cleaning Tips

If you want to ensure your pool is crystal clear, please take the following advice from our pool experts:

  1. Regular Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming will eliminate potential debris or bacteria from your pool, and also proves helpful in reducing the amount of chemicals you add your pool water.
  2. Check Water Level: What’s a pool without a sufficient amount of water? Please check your water level to ensure it’s at a safe, swimmable level. Checking the water level will also help you determine if there any leaks.
  3. Use a Skimmer: If you have pool located under trees, leaves will float atop your pool’s surface like tiny rowboats. A skimmer is a simple yet effective in getting rid any debris floating above surface. This can be done daily.
  4. Clean Pool Filter: Believe it or not, cleaning your filter too often is actually less effective. Some dirt in a filter can help trap other particles and prevent them from dirtying up your pool. Schedule out filter cleaning so you maintain cleanliness without sacrificing the filter’s overall effectives.
  5. Brush Walls and Floor: Take a brush to your walls and floor to eliminate any dirt or debris that will tend to stick. Vacuums can’t be used for pool walls, so that’s where brushes come in handy.
  6. Supercholorinate Water: Ammonia and nitrogen can build up in a pool over time, which can be primarily responsible in forming chloramines that give off that strong chlorine smell in your pool water. Supercholorination, otherwise known as shocking, can eliminate these contaminants and keep your smell from any odors. 

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today for pool cleaning in Miami that will transform your pool into something special!