Helpful Guidelines to Determine Your Next Hot Tub Installation

Selecting a hot tub requires some idea of the size, shape, and type. Today’s hot tubs are energy-efficient while delivering therapeutic, aesthetic and entertainment value. First, determine what you want from a new hot tub. Then determine a size and shape of hot tub installation. Jets, lighting, and other features make your hot tub unique and suited to your purposes.

Hot Tub Categories

Standard hot tubs  typically have custom features such as the number of jets, surround sound stereo, embedded televisions and can come in variety of shapes and sizes. Customers can get a hot tub with seating for two, or larger hot tubs with seating for ten or more.  Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic dip in the bubbling hot tub before work to invigorate and stimulate your day, or after work to relax the tension in your muscles.

Massage therapy spas are designed with jets that deliver warm bubbling water over the body to areas that will have the most therapeutic impact. Consider the health benefits of your hot tub installation. Massage increases circulation and relaxes muscles. The soothing effects of hot tubs are good for mental health as well as physical health.

Swim Spas is one category of hot tub used for swimming in place without having a huge pool. Swimming is an invigorating exercise. Swimming increases your heart rate and is beneficial in strengthening the heart and fighting heart disease. Enjoy the benefits of swimming without the large pool space constraints.

Choosing a Spa Size

Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate from two to ten or more people. Your budget, space, and other functional needs help determine your hot tub size, shape, and design features. Consider the amount of water use, cost of running, and your family and entertaining needs when determining the size of your new hot tub installation. Keep in mind your budget and space limitations when shopping for your hot tub. There are many water features like waterfalls and fountains which make beautiful additions to your spa. Do you plan to have many hot tub parties?  Maybe a large 10-seat hot tub is for you.  Or you may want to just have a more intimate and personal hot tub with seating only only for two.  Think about not only the landscaping and the areas the tub can be placed in your back yard.

Energy Efficiency

Shop for energy-efficient spas. There are a number of things you can do to lower the energy usage and cost of running your new hot tub. Lower the water temperature to 102 degrees in the evening and pre-set at a lower temperature when not in use. Use a programmable digital thermostat. Cover your spa at night to keep heat in and replace the cover when it becomes heavy, worn or torn. Regular filter cleaning and changes save energy and ensure your hot runs efficiently

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