How Do I Heat My Pool in Miami?

One of the most common questions asked of the technicians at All Florida Pool & Spa Center is the best way to heat a pool. Heating pumps and gas heaters are by far the two most popular ways to heat a residential or commercial swimming pool.

Heat pumps are taking over the market share in sunbelt areas. They feature a form of thermal recovery in order to operate and allow a substantial savings in energy dollars as compared to a gas heater. The power output of a heat pump is affected by the ambient temperature. The colder it is, the less effective a heat pump will be. That is why swimming pool markets like Florida, Texas and Southern California are ideal for this type of unit. The heat pump can save up to 75% of a normal residential swimming pools energy consumption costs for heating. Commercial pools can also install a heat pump or a series of heat pumps and save similar percentages of operating costs. Commercially the saving can be many 1,000’s of dollars per year.  Heat pumps also carry longer manufacturer’s warranties than a gas heater.

Gas heaters still have impact on the market and may be right for you in a few of these scenarios: you are a sporadic pool user or commuter resident and need quick heat on short notice, have an uncovered in-ground spa and want rapid heat, have an oversized commercial in a windy environment like a beachfront condo or hotel, or even a country club with a lot of surface area and open space in and around the pool. Gas heater work in almost any weather condition and typically have a higher BTU per hour output but cost more in fuel consumption to operate than a heat pump.

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