How to Get Rid of Pool Algae

There are several different types of pool algae and the treatment for each is different.

Depending on the color of the algae, whereas the prevention of each is the very same. The key to treatment of any algae bloom (remember it’s a plant) is to make sure your chemicals are in balance and your filtration system is working properly.


  • Green Algae- This is the most common type of algae.
  1. Super chlorinate with liquid or granular chlorine.
  2. Double the amount you normally use to overcome the demand , brush your pool ,
  3. let the pool circulate overnight and then clean the filter. Follow up with an algaecide as a preventative.


  • Yellow algae( mustard algae) – this type of algae is more resistant to chlorine by itself.
  1.  Add Nuclo Yellow Shock & Clear ( 1 packet per 15,000 gallons) Pour the yellow treatment along the perimeter of the pool.
  2. Followed by your normal shock treatment.
  3. Followed immediately by your chlorine shock.
  4. Brush the pool down, let the pool run 24 hours.
  5. Clean your filter and shock the pool again.
  6. Follow up with an algaecide as a preventative.


  • Black algae- The most stubborn and destructive type of algae. This type actually burrows into the plaster or diamondbrite making the surface of your pool rough and unattractive.
  1. You will need a quality wire brush from our retail center and a telescopic pool pole. Scrub the black algae with the wire brush, hitting it from different directions.
  2. Treat it with Nuclo Quick Kill. This granular chlorine is stronger than your typical granular chlorine, sprinkle this directly over the black algae and push it in place with your pool brush.
  3. Let it sit overnight
  4. Wire brush it again as needed.
  5. Follow up with an algaecide as a preventative.


There are certain things to be aware of, when shocking a pool. For instance, pouring shock through an automatic chlorinator could result in a life-threatening green gas explosion. Also, it’s important to shock a pool at night. Another great reason to hire a professional Miami pool cleaning company like All Florida Pool & Spa Center is because the experts will prevent your pool from becoming infested with algae in the first place. It’s an issue that needs continuous attention, to ensure a healthy environment for swimming in your pool.