How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water Following Basic Rules.

When you have a cloudy swimming pool, it can be a challenging and a very  time-consuming process to get it clear again. Your swimming pool can turn cloudy right overnight!

Why Do I Have Cloudy Pool Water?

Cloudy swimming pool water can happen for many reasons. Below are three causes.

  1. The Location: Everything near and around your swimming pool can cause your water to become cloudy. That includes weather, animals, construction, trees, flowers, the sun, people, and pool algae of course.
  2. Your Pool Filter: If your pool filter system is not working the way it should be, or your filter is not running at least 8 to 10 hours per day, you are at risk for cloudy swimming pool water. Your pool filter system regularly cleans the water in your swimming pool. Without a pool filter, you’ll end up with stagnant water that is likely to become cloudy.
  3. Pool Chemicals: An exorbitant amount of pool chemicals can also cause pool water to become cloudy. This includes high pH, high alkalinity, high chlorine or other sanitizers, and high calcium hardness.

Keeping your pool from becoming cloudy really is simple to do if you follow the basic rules.

  • Keep your pool in chemical balance: Sanitizer, pH , Alkalinity, Stabilizer, Calcium and Total dissolved solids.
  • Make sure your filtration system is working: The appropriate amount of time and that the filter is clean and in good shape.


If you still have a cloudy pool and everything is as it is supposed to be, you will need to add a water clarifier- Like SeaKlear. This makes the smaller particles in the water into larger particles so that the filter can filter it out. Depending on the type of filter you own, you may need to replace the cartridge, backwash your Sand or DE filter.

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