Find Out Why We Are the Best Pool and Spa Repair Company

All Florida Pool and Spa Center has been a leader in the pool and spa industry for over 45 years.  Established by the Cohen family in 1971 they quickly became one of the largest in South Florida.  Still a family business, they offer award winning service and top quality products.  With a dedication to unparalleled customer satisfaction, and a passion for transforming Floridian backyards into your own private oasis. Find out what makes them the best pool and spa repair company in Florida.

Choosing Us to Service Your Pool

When you choose a company to service your pool, you want to go for the best pool and spa repair company you can find. While there are very few things that can make a home as enjoyable as a private pool and spa, the maintenance of them can be a considerable head ache, as well as a potential danger.

A properly maintained pool is a delight, with sparkling fresh water and a clean refreshing scent.  The problem lies in how easily they can become out of balance, and how quickly they attract debris.  With a spa, there is the additional hazard of all those extra mechanisms providing the luxuriant massage.  Our experienced professional staff have all the tools necessary for managing all aspects with a suitable plan for every situation.  Whether it’s a one-time repair or a weekly maintenance routine certified technicians are available to quickly and expertly solve any concern.


Preserving the delicate balance of pH and chlorine levels in your pool and spa is at the best of times a time-consuming chore, other times it can be a serious health risk.  Algae and bacteria can breed very quickly and even the slightest negligence will rapidly spiral out of control.

Compounded with the multitude of filtration and pumping systems that, while built to be durable and low maintenance, can eventually fail there is a great need for regular inspections. While it is, of course, possible to manage these services on your own, it can also be difficult to find the time.  By taking advantage of the experience of our highly trained and courteous team these concerns can be safely placed in caring hands.

Hot Tub Repair

As the technology of hot tubs advance, so do the requirements for professional maintenance and repair.  With the interdependence of these systems a failure in even the most minor mechanism can quickly lead to a catastrophic break down.

It is therefore of primary importance to allow skilled and reliable technicians to perform routine inspection, maintenance and any necessary repairs.  Our certified specialists are available, and eager to keep your spa running at peak efficiency.

Pool Repair

There are, of course, many different dangers associated with the pool.  The possibility of leaks is one of the most prevalent, and costly.  A professional service can quickly identify the location of any leak and skillfully repair them before causing irreparable damage.  Breakdowns in the filtration and circulation systems are also common and certainly require the skills of qualified technicians.  Our helpful staff is at hand to promptly mend or replace any problem.

Leave your personal oasis in the hands of All Florida Pool and Spa Center, the best pool and spa repair company, and all you need to do is enjoy.