Exploring How Pentair Pool Pumps Benefit Pool Filtration

Swimming pools need safe, clean water. To do this, they rely on two things: chemical treatment and filtration. A pool’s filtration system keeps water circulating continuously, removing debris and other contaminants from the water. The heart of this filtration system is the pool pump. Pentair pool pumps, in particular, are some of the most sophisticated pumps on the market today. These hydraulically engineered premium pumps circulate water very efficiently, while generating minimal noise.

Pool Circulation and Filtration

Clean water is incredibly important for any swimming pool, whether it’s a small backyard pool or a large public facility. Without circulation and filtration systems in place, a swimming pool would essentially be a reservoir of stagnant standing water. This would quickly turn into a habitat for bacteria and algae, as well as becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos. Pool pumps keep water moving and circulating, cleaning it continually to keep it sterile and free of debris.

A modern swimming pool uses a pump, along with drainage and filtration elements, to pump water in a continuous cycle. The water moves through the filtration system and the chemical treatment system, then returns to the pool basin. The chemical treatment maintains the water at a pH value that’s safe for swimming, but deadly for bacteria, insect larvae, and other unwanted organisms. The filtration removes larger debris. At the heart of this system is the pool pump, a piece of motorized equipment that creates a vacuum to move water through the system.

Types of Pool Pumps

There are several types of pool pumps available. They all serve the same function, but they differ in their pricing and operational costs. Single speed pumps are the least expensive option for pool owners, although their operational costs can be relatively high. They work at only one speed, meaning they use more energy than pumps with adjustable settings. Dual speed pumps offer better efficiency. For vacuuming and backwashing, they can be set to a higher speed. For general circulation, they run at a lower speed, conserving energy. Their lower speed allows for longer circulation cycles, which provide better chemical mixing and help prevent algal growth. Variable speed pumps are even more efficient than dual speed pumps. Although their initial cost is higher than single or dual speed pumps, their efficient energy consumption lowers their operating costs. This means that investing in a variable speed pump can ultimately save money for pool owners. Equipped with a permanent magnetic motor, variable speed pumps run quietly and efficiently. In terms of energy conservation, cost savings, and overall value, variable speed Pentair pool pumps are some of the best on the market.

Operating a Pool Pump

Once you’ve installed an energy efficient Pentair pool pump, it’s important that you understand how to operate it. This is pretty straightforward. While they can be allowed to run continuously, many pool owners choose to use a timer system. This reduces costs and saves energy by running the pump only at times when the pool is likely to be used. The water doesn’t need to circulate constantly, and longer circulation doesn’t do very much to reduce algae growth. You may need as little as 3 hours of filtration time, and it’s not usually necessary to run the pump for more than 6 hours. Timing it on several short cycles, instead of one long cycle, removes debris periodically to keep the pool clean throughout the day.

Features of Pentair Pool Pumps

Pentair pool pumps are some of the most efficient and effective on the market. Available for in-ground and above-ground pools, as well as spas and hot tubs, Pentair’s pumps are designed to run as quietly as possible while maximizing energy efficiency. Available in a range of sizes to meet the specific requirements of your pool, Pentair’s pumps are built to last. Their Eco Select and IntelliPro lines are recommended for energy-conscious pool owners. These variable speed pumps provide impressive energy savings, greatly reducing the operating cost over the entire lifetime of the pump. High efficiency Pentair variable speed pool pumps are an investment that ultimately pays for itself through reduced energy costs.

At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we proudly carry Pentair products, including highly efficient pool pumps that keep your swimming pool water pristine while saving money. For efficiency and overall lifetime value, Pentair products come highly recommended by our experienced staff.