Exploring Different Types of Swimming Pool Leak Repairs

Swimming pool heat pumps Fort Lauderdale are responsible for cycling the water from your pool through the filtration system, keeping it clean and free of debris. It’s an essential part of a closed loop system that circulates water through your filter, heater, and chlorinator. Occasionally, you may need swimming pool leak repair due to a problem with part of the pump.

Pump Strainer Cover Leaks

The cover for your pump strainer housing can cause both water leaks and air leaks. If you’ve noticed an unusual quantity of bubbles escaping from the return lines, the filtration system probably has an air leak. If the strainer cover isn’t on tightly, air is sucked inside. After turning off the pump, you can remove the pump strainer lid and look at the O-ring. The O-ring may be clogged up with debris, or it might be cracked or stretched out. For swimming pool leak repair related to the pump strainer cover, you may actually need to replace the O-ring.

Cracked Pump Pipes

Pool leaks can also originate at the pump pipes, which can break or crack. The pipes are usually made from PVC, and can be easily replaced. The suction lines, return lines, and main drain could all be potential sources of a swimming pool leak.

Suction Side Leaks

Suction side leaks are a common mechanical issue with backyard swimming pools, and the exact location of the leak can be difficult to find. If you need suction side swimming pool leak repairs, you’ll probably notice air bubbles frothing around in the pump basket. Fixing it will stop air from getting in. The water level in the pool might also be a bit lower than normal. The leak could be located in several places. It could be in the pump housing, in the PVC pipes, or in the skimmer. Underground pipes can also leak occasionally, although this is relatively rare. If you suspect that the leak is underground somewhere, you may want to call a plumber for professional leak detection service.

Pump Housing Leaks

Cracked pump housing can also introduce air or water leaks to your pool system. This can sometimes be fixed with epoxy resin or other bonding products, available for swimming pool leak repairs, but you may need to replace it completely. Two-part epoxy putty is generally the material of choice for fixing cracks in the housing, although there are also putties designed especially for pool use.

Air and water leaks can originate in the pool’s suction side plumbing, from cracks in the plumbing, or from a damaged strainer cover. At All Florida Pool & Spa Center, we provide professional swimming pool leak repair services throughout the Miami area. To find out more, call us anytime.