Discover New Spa Lighting Renovation Ideas for Your Backyard

Wouldn’t you like to transform your backyard into a nice, relaxing retreat in the heart of Florida? For some, a relaxing retreat in the backyard means having a spa, complete with appropriate lighting. Adding a petite pool shouldn’t be a challenging affair, and as long as you take the proper steps, you’ll be amazed with the results of your brand new hangout. Today, we are going to give you some spa lighting renovation ideas

Track Lighting

One of our spa lighting renovation ideas involves track lighting, which can be an amazing addition to any backyard in Florida. Track lighting is a lighting system in which lights are fitted in tracks, allowing variable positioning. When a ceiling isn’t capable of accommodating recessed lighting due to beans, for example, track lighting will come in handy. Besides, have you looked at track lighting before? This form of lighting will look amazing above your spa in your backyard. Imagine looking up and seeing a circle of dim lights above you.

Fire Pits

To really make your backyard landscaping stand out from the crowd, a fire pit would be the perfect choice for you. With a fire pit, you’ll have the traditional feel of a campfire, without having to leave your home. We included a fire pit in our spa lighting renovation ideas, because you can customize it to your likings and they are the perfect means for having company over to relax while enjoying the great outdoors during the evening hours.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber-optic lighting has a tendency to be more expensive than LED and incandescent, but you will have more flexibility as far as the color and hue goes. With the increased expense over incandescent lighting also comes less effort to maintain it.

Fiber-optic lighting can help create the perfect backyard pool experience that truly fulfills your dreams. It can create sparkling effects on the water surfaces, add mood-enhancing color, add mystery to the backyard environment and can highlight the architectural elements.

Pool Light Automation

Pool light automation has become more sophisticated over the past couple of years and can take the hassle out of turning all of your lights on. Want to turn on those lights on your way home from work? All you have to do is push a button. Pool light automation can save you money and time.

Imagine walking into your backyard and finding an automated lighting system that mixes combinations of LED lights in order to make a vibrant spectrum of colors in your spa. These lights illuminate and cycle through colors at different speeds – it will feel as if you have your own theme park in your backyard.

Those are four spa lighting renovation ideas for your backyard. If you are needing help with installing track lighting, fire pits, fiber-optic lighting or pool automation, All Florida Pool & Spa Center has a team of experts standing by to help you.