Dirty Water? Time for Swimming Pool Services in Miami!

A homeowner near Phoenix, AZ had quite the surprise on October 25, 2014 when their horse somehow escaped from its enclosure and ended up in the swimming pool. Yes that’s right, a full grown horse in a family swimming pool (check out the story here).

The experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center have been providing high quality Miami swimming pool services for a long time now, but they’ve never encountered something like that! Luckily the local fire department was able to get the animal out of the pool without any problems, and the horse is going to be just fine.

Sometimes problems with your pool are obvious, like a 1,000 pound animal swimming in it. Other issues with a pool can be far less easy to spot however, and that’s when hiring an expert pool service company comes in handy. Water quality is one of the most important parts of pool service in Miami, but just because your water looks clear doesn’t mean it’s clean. People make the mistake of assuming that since they don’t see a green tint in the water, it means that it’s perfectly safe. However, there are subtle things to look for that can indicate it’s time to call in a professional.

Should the water in your pool look a little bit cloudy, it could be due to several factors. Perhaps the filtration system isn’t operating correctly, or maybe the chlorine balance is out of whack. Whatever the reason, cloudy pool water can make a pool look uninviting. All Florida Pool & Space Center has the experienced technicians and fully stocked trucks to correct such issues, but the better bet is to schedule regular pool service and prevent them before they become a problem. Preventive maintenance will save you money in the long run, and neglecting to take care of a dirty water situation can cause even more trouble down the road with your system.

All Florida Pool & Spa Center is available for those interested in quality swimming pool services in Miami and Miami Beach. Call and schedule your appointment today!