All Florida Pool & Spa Center Delivers Commercial Chemicals

Do you need pool equipment or commercial chemicals, but you don’t have the time to go and make a trip to the store? Don’t you worry about it. All Florida Pool & Spa has you covered. All Florida Pool & Spa Center is a pool renovation company located in Fort Lauderdale and we deliver pool equipment and commercial chemicals.

We deliver the following items:

Commercial Filters

Commercial Pumps

Commercial pool and spa heaters

Liquid Chlorine

Sodium Bicarbonate

Soda Ash


Muriatric Acid

System Savers Salt

Calcium Chloride

Replacement Cartridges

Cleaning equipment like commercial pool brushes and commercial vac heads with hose-tile brushes tile soap

Safety equipment such as CGAP life rings with throw ropes, life hooks, and pool rule signs.

As you can see All Florida Pool & Spa Center has all the pool equipment and pool chemicals you need for your commercial pools. We sell these products in large quantities. Our superb supply delivery service will make you very happy. Yow will not have to make the trip to the store, unless you really want to. We have more supplies and products than other ordinary pool and hot tub stores. Call us today at (305) 893-4036 to order your commercial chemicals and pool supplies.