What’s the Deal with Saltwater Pools in Miami?


There are thousands of commercial and residential pools in South Florida and all of them require certain levels of care and maintenance to ensure a clean and refreshing experience for the swimmer. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical when it comes to keeping a pool bacteria-free. However, many people are wary of using chlorine to clean their pool because the chemical can dry out the skin and cause problems for people with sensitive skin. When using a chemical like chlorine, it’s important to ensure the ratio of water to chemical is correct because excessive chlorine fumes are harmful when breathed.

Many people come across salt water pools during their search for chlorine alternatives for their swimming pool in Miami. A common misconception is that salt water pools are chlorine-free, when in reality they utilize a chlorine generator which produces its own chlorine for the water. The result is mildly salty pool water which is better for the skin. The difference between regular chlorinated water and salt generated water is similar to the difference between hard water and soft water. Hard water is full of metals such as calcium and magnesium and can cause buildup and staining. Soft water is when those minerals are removed and the water left over is less harsh on the skin.

Salt water generators are comprised of two main components; the power supply and the cell. The power supply is fixed to a power source and is fed power from the pump. This means it will only be operating when the pump is on. The unit must be properly sized to be able to produce the required amount of chlorine for large or small pools.

Swimming in a salt water pool is not like driving out to Miami Beach and jumping in the ocean. Sea water has a salt content of around 3.5% while pool water powered by a salt generator has a salt content around 0.3%. The mild-saltiness allows for water which feels softer, won’t irritate the skin and keeps bacteria in check. People often avoid opening their eyes in pools because the chemicals are irritating, but not with salt-water pools. There is no itching or burning at all!

Owning a salt water pool in Miami doesn’t mean you can totally forget about regular pool care and maintenance. Regardless of what kind of system a pool uses, it takes the skills and expertise of professional pool care technicians to ensure that system is always operating at peak performance. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a great way to save yourself time and money down the road by avoiding major problems. Pool care experts like those at All Florida Pool & Spa Center have decades of experience cleaning, repairing and inspecting both residential and commercial pools in Miami. Give us a call today and find out all of the benefits of pool ownership in Miami and Miami Beach!

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