Complement Your Pool with a Sundance Spa!

A Sundance Spa is the perfect complement to any backyard pool in South Florida. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that hot tubs have a few major health benefits. Particularly tubs like those made by Sundance Spas, widely recognized as one of the best hot tub manufacturers in the world. All Florida Pool & Spa Center is one of the largest Sundance Spa retailers in Florida and fully stand behind the benefits of owning a hot tub. New technology when it comes to jet placement and water pressure means that a hot tub is designed to be more than just a relaxing soak, it’s actually like a full body massage!


There are two main benefits of a hot tub on your health; temperature and massage. Heat is obviously the most important thing for a hot tub to have. Hot water has plenty of healing properties for people with arthritis or chronic pain stemming from an accident. A hot tub can help relax tired muscles and relieve painful swelling in joints like knees and elbows. It’s also important to note that hot tub users that soak for 15 minutes before getting ready for bed have an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. This means you wake up more refreshed and ready to start the day! Rather than relying on sleeping aids, those with insomnia should try a new hot tub from All Florida Pool & Spa Center!


Massage is the second aspect that makes a hot tub so beneficial to your overall health. If you haven’t checked out hot tubs in a while, you’ll probably be amazed to find how technologically advanced they have become over the years. Jets are specifically placed to target areas like the lower back where many people experience pain. Companies like Sundance Spa are not just tub companies, they actually are specialists when it comes to hydrotherapy. Soaking in a traditional bathtub is a nice, relaxing break from reality, but soaking in a Sundance Spa is like getting a full body massage from a professional massage therapist. Nobody has the time or money to get a professional massage every day, but they do have time to spend 20 minutes in their new hot tub from the best pool and spa company in South Florida, All Florida Pool & Spa Center! The best part? Most hot tubs only cost around $10 per month to operate! Call today for more information about how a hot tub could change your life for the better!