What Chemicals Does a Pool Need?

The professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center get asked a lot of questions about proper pool care and maintenance. One of the most popular questions revolves around achieving the perfect mixture of cleaning chemicals in a residential pool. It’s easy to tell when a pool doesn’t have the right balance of chemicals in the water and it can really take away from the experience of owning your own backyard swimming pool in Miami or Miami Beach. Most people understand that pool care involves using chemicals but they don’t know how or why they are important. All Florida Pool & Spa Center has decades of experience in the pool cleaning and service industry and our technicians can help you keep your swimming pool looking great all year round.

Chlorine is the most common chemical used to clean pools because it sanitizes and disinfects the water. Chlorine rids pools of bacteria and other organisms and containments. Chlorine is what keeps pool water safe for children and adults to swim in. Chlorine comes in several forms including as a liquid, as tablets and in its granular form each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Professional pool maintenance experts also use a stabilizer chemical called cyanuric acid which protects the chlorine in a pool. The ultraviolet light from the sun can destroy chlorine in pool water and cyanuric acid helps prevent this from happening.

Pool experts also know that swimming pools can quickly deteriorate in cleanliness if left alone for even a short period. One way to combat a swimming pool that’s turning green is with shock treatment. Adding a large amount of chorine to a pool will help kill algae and other organisms quickly and effectively. Some prefer to shock their pool with non-chlorine oxidizers, which activate the chlorine that should be already there. Bromine is a chlorine alternative often used in spas and hot tubs as it holds up in higher water temperatures.

Unless you’re an expert chemist, you probably have better things to do than stress about finding the perfect chemical balance for their backyard pool. That’s where the experts at All Florida Pool & Spa Center come in handy. By scheduling regular pool maintenance in Miami and Miami Beach with All Florida Pool & Spa Center, you’ll ensure that your pool is always ready to go whenever you are. Using too much or too little chemicals in your pool can be dangerous for swimmers so call All Florida Pool & Spa Center today!