Breathtaking Pool Remodeling Ideas to Transform Your Backyard into an Oasis

The pool is an extension of your home living area, entertaining space, and relaxing oasis. There are many pool remodeling ideas to choose from when deciding to create a backyard oasis. For example, when remodeling your pool, you can add water features. Surrounding your pool, a patio makeover sets the stage for further pool enhancements. Why not add a hot tub and gazebo as a relaxing touch to your backyard oasis? Assess your space, budget, and choose the remodel of your dreams to create your backyard space.

Water Feature Aesthetics

  • Ambiance:  Bubbling, trickling and splashing water sounds relaxing and delightful while blocking out everyday traffic and other neighborhood sounds.
  • Development: Features like water slides, deck jets, and waterfalls add fun activities to your pool area.
  • Pool Remodeling: Ideas including water features that enhance the backyard and serve to camouflage structural elements such as retaining walls, which adds safety and visual elements.

Patio Makeover Pool Remodeling Ideas

Include areas in your patio makeover that provides for interesting features around your sitting area.  A brick or stone barbecue or outdoor kitchen are sought after features which actually have a positive impact on home value in today’s real estate market. Create a shaded area with a gazebo or pergola. Add privacy walls with lovely flowers and lighting to create a beautiful retreat. Use your imagination and create zones, paths, lighting and landscaping to give your retreat the effect of an oasis which fits your personal style and innovative pool remodeling ideas.

Waterfalls and Water fountains

A romantic, relaxing and beautiful addition you can choose for your future oasis is a waterfall constructed out of natural stone.  Although, natural stone is one option for this type of waterfall construction, there are other waterfall building materials that can be used in building your backyard oasis.  Other waterfall building materials may include sand, boulders, reinforced concrete, and gravel.  Have the professionals get started on your pool remodeling ideas first with a plan. Discuss with a pool remodeling technician on how to put your personal touch on creating the designs for your alcoves, caves or lagoon with your waterfall features.

Hot Tubs and Gazebos

Come home to your backyard oasis and soak in your new hot tub. Relaxing in a hot tub can benefit your health. Aching muscles, arthritic conditions, and stress are relieved by sitting in a hot tub after a long day.

A gazebo is a perfect addition to creating your backyard oasis, allowing for an open view of your surrounding areas, away from the blazing sun.  A gazebo creates a separate area for a hot tub, sitting area, or barbecue and adds privacy as well. Hang or install decorative lighting and keep the backyard oasis open all the way into the night.

Create a backyard oasis with these pool remodeling ideas, combined with your vision and set within your budget. Enjoy your outdoor space with thew new ideas for water features, lighting, a hot tub and a gazebo. Soon you will be entertaining, relaxing and feeling the health benefits of your new backyard retreat.