When Is The Best Time To Implement Pool Pump Motor Repair?

Keeping your pool pump in good working order is crucial since water would otherwise stagnate. Pool pumps are designed to last for years but repairs might be needed if you own a model that is a few years old or if you haven’t been maintaining it regularly. Pool pump motor repairs can be expensive but there are a few things you can do yourself if your pump is not working properly. Keep reading to find out more about the most common pool pump motor problems and to figure out how to repair pool motors.

Pool Pump Motor Problems

There are a few common issues you are likely to encounter if you own a swimming pool and you should be familiar with them. It is time to inspect your pool pump if you notice that the water smells bad or has a soapy texture. If you hear unusual noises coming from the pump, check for any loose screws. If you cannot turn the pump on, check the connections. Mud and other debris might be present inside of the pump if the pump works but no water is being pulled. If you notice that there is no water flow or can see bubbles in the basket, there is probably a leak somewhere and you should be able to fix it with some special adhesive.

Pool Pump Maintenance

You can avoid having to pay for pool pump motor repairs by properly maintaining the pool and the pump. If you tend to neglect maintaining your swimming pool, make a checklist and put some time aside for these tasks. You need to keep the pool clean from debris and should scrub the sides and bottom of the pool. Invest in a good vacuum to keep the pool clean and make sure you run the pump on a daily basis to keep the water clean. The filters should be checked regularly and cleaned when needed.

Repairing Pool Motors

You might be able to perform some simple repairs on your pool motor or to replace this part. If the pump is no longer under warranty, you should consider calling a professional repairman or attempting to fix the pump yourself. The first things you should try is to check the pump impeller for clogs. This is a simple repair and this could solve your problem if the pump does not make water move. Check the connections in the motor if you cannot turn the pump on or if it shuts off by itself.

When To Replace A Pool Pump Motor

If you have checked for clogs and loose connections, you might have to replace the pump motor. If your swimming pool pump is not pulling water or not working at all, replacing the motor will solve the problem. Check the manufacturer and model number of the pump to find the right motor. Replacing the shaft seal too since this part goes through a lot of wear and tear and you will be able to easily access it when replacing the motor. Turn the pump off, let it dry and work away from the water. Remove the old motor by disconnecting the bonding wire, removing the pump assembly and the electrical connections. Put the new motor in and connect it to the pump.  If you have had your pump for eight years of more, replacing the motor is definitely your best option. Contact All Florida Pool & Spa Center for advice on installing and getting pool pump motor repairs.