Benefits and Risks of Hot Tubs and Pregnancy

Health professionals suggest expectant mothers should restrict their use of a hot tub during pregnancy to only 10 minutes a session.  Sitting in a hot tub can boost your body temperature quickly, and high temperature levels can be unsafe for the development of your baby.  Women who have had children can benefit from soaking in a hot tub after they have had birth. Many health care physicians note that it can be therapeutic to the body after child delivery. Learn about the various benefits and risks of the effects of hot tubs and pregnancy.

Hot Tubs and Pregnancy Risks

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, these professionals recommend that pregnant women should soak in a hot tub no longer than 10 minutes. Pregnant women should limit their exposure to water that is 40 degrees.  Hot tub water that is above 105 degrees can damage the development of human cells and thereby damage the development of your child.

Best Hot Tubs for Pregnancy

The Sundance Optima 880 Series features a digital touchpad that controls a variety of functions, such as the four therapeutic massage seats, water temperature, and other spa circulation check functions.  Through the easy to use touchpad features, expectant mothers can easily set the hot tub timer to 10 minutes and the lower the water temperature below 100 degrees to ensure a safe and therapeutic hot tub session.

When it comes to hot tubs and pregnancy, its’ important to not become overheated.  Ensuring ultimate comfort is essential, whereas, overheating can lead to dizziness and potentially fainting.  The water in warm tubs is normally too warm for the pregnant females to securely sit in for any type of prolonged time periods. In the event you do enter a hot tub ensure that you can keep the temperature level control lower than 100 degrees F as well as minimizing your actual time in the bathtub.

Benefits of Hot Tubs After Pregnancy

Health care professionals recommend that although it’s okay to use a hot tub when pregnant, it’s even safer to utilize a hot tub after pregnancy.  It’s recommended to use a hot tub at least 6 weeks after child birth.  Some important precautions to take include ensuring that the hot tub water is clean and fresh, rather than weeks old.  It’s also important to be aware that hot tub chemicals may have an adverse affect on your wounds.

Hot tubs such as the Sundance Chelsee 780 Series features molded hand grips as a safety feature and was designed for convenience.  Additionally, this hot tub has 5 jets with a curved dome. This hot tub also includes a center footwell with a dome of massaging jets, so the new mother can receive a pro-style foot massage.

If you are an pregnant woman, or have recently given birth and are seeking hot tubs and and pregnancy advice, contact our hot tub specialists at All Florida Pool & Spa Center. Our experts can not only provide you on the best options for expectant mothers, but also, provide recommendations on how best to use a hot tub when you’re pregnant.