The Benefits of Hydrotherapy in Miami

The incredible healing power of water is well documented, but it seems like everyday water always has some new trick up its sleeve. The newest aquatic innovation is helping those who undergoing physical therapy for a variety reasons. Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy treatment that has exploded in popularity for those rehabilitating from surgery or an injury of some kind. Water is a unique element as it offers both buoyancy and resistance, allowing someone to strengthen muscles while only placing a fraction of the stress on the skeleton as out of water rehabilitation.

While world class athletes like Lebron James or Ryan Tannehill obviously benefit from hydrotherapy, the elderly population residing in Miami are those who can truly use aquatic therapy to their advantage. Major surgeries for aging individuals, such as hip or knee replacements, can cause significant pain, swelling and discomfort months, even years after the procedure. Many physicians advocate for the use of aquatic therapy in hip replacement patients as water allows someone to bend, stretch or kick in a way that would be impossible.

There a numerous aquatic exercises which can aid physical therapy including gait training, deep water intervals, kick training, leg raises and more. There are even spa’s specifically designed to aid in aquatic exercise. All Florida Pool & Spa Center in Miami is a dealer of AquaFIT exercise pools which turn your backyard into a personal gym! The AquaFIT pool can be installed as an in-ground pool or as an above ground hot tub depending on your preference. It combines specially placed hydrotherapy jets and exercise attachments to help someone look and feel their best when recovering from a surgery or injury. As someone gains their strength back, they can adjust their exercises accordingly to keep challenging themselves to get stronger.

AquaFIT exercise spas come in four distinct styles; the Sport, Play, Pro and Plus. Each style has its own special features and design for a unique and rewarding customer experience. Those interested in doing some serious swimming should consider the AquaFIT Pro which features a swim lane, non-slip surface and six high-volume jets. The AquaFIT Play is perfect for someone who wants a quality exercise experience but doesn’t have a ton of room to work with. It can perform all major aquatic exercises while also featuring a unique cool-down lounge.

For more information about the benefits of hydrotherapy in Miami or an AquaFIT exercise spa, contact the pool cleaning and care professionals at All Florida Pool & Spa Center today! All Florida Pool & Spa carries all the pool products and accessories to make the most out of your pool in Miami. Call or stop by today!