Avoid These Mistakes When Planning a New Pool Renovation in Miami

A decision to renovate a swimming pool is one that has to be taken after a lot of thought. There have been many advances made in swimming pool technology, and it is best that you inform yourself about them before you undertake any pool renovation Miami homes.

Advantages of Pool Renovation Miami

Salt water chlorinators are among the advances in technology that are worth looking at. Chlorine in present day pools uses liquid chlorine or tablets or granular chlorine that have to be added to the water. Salt water chlorinators eliminate any need to store these chemicals. The salt itself is converted to chlorine when it undergoes a chemical process. This creation of chlorine inside the pool itself has beneficial sanitizing effects. Using this form of chlorinator removes the need to add chlorine and monitor its use. Chlorine levels are automatically regulated, and this prevents eye irritation and other effects from chlorine.

 Pool Renovation Challenges  

Another aspect that you can address when you are looking at pool renovation Miami is that of the lighting in your pool. Use fiber optic light and colored LED lights. These are lights that can be inserted directly onto the floor of your pool or on its walls. These lights can be converted into dazzling visual displays that can completely change the atmosphere around a pool and any party that you are having around it. These lights also are not very demanding on power and can be quite economical if you change all the lights in your backyard.

Pool Renovation Ideas

Pool plaster is another way to renovate your pool and have surfaces that are brightly colored. You can get these plasters in a wide variety of colors and textures and turn your pool into a visual delight. The finishes can be smooth, or use pebbles and create bumps that give a natural feel to the surfaces. These pool plasters can also add to the life of your pool as they have a life expectancy of twenty years.

Pool Improvement Mistakes  

One major problem with pools, especially in the hot temperatures in Miami, is that you constantly lose water through evaporation, besides the loss that occurs through swimmers using the pool and splashing about in it. Homes with children will face this problem regularly. A renovation that can be undertaken for your Miami pool is to install an automatic electronic system that monitors the level in the pool and automatically arranges to fill the pool from any designated storage.


The area around a pool can make a lot of difference to its ambiance and ease of use. Have a look at the decks around the pool and see if you can give it a new and exciting appearance. Use stone coping and deck tiles and add color and variety to the deck.


There are many aspects of a swimming pool that can be upgraded and it is up to the house owner to decide on the ones that are most suitable and affordable. Learn what it takes to have an efficient pool renovation Miami or installation in Miami.  A well-maintained pool can be a delight to the family, friends, and guests.