Affordable Tips for Inground Saltwater Pool Maintenance Miami

When the time comes to open your pool for the Summer swimming season, there’s always the excitement of plunging in for that first dip.  More pool owners today are increasingly moving away from traditional chlorine pool systems in favor of saltwater pool maintenance systems. Inground pool owners in need of pool maintenance in Miami can achieve the benefits of an affordable pool maintenance alternative, and an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Additionally, inground pool owners can improve maintenance efficiency through the type of cleaning equipment they choose.


There are various benefits to having a salt-water pool maintenance system as a Miami pool owner. Rather than having to spend funds on multiple boxes of chlorine, pool owners can implement a salt chlorine generator in their pool. The function of the generator is to produce chlorine, which effectively reduces the costs of not only purchasing chlorine, but also, the costs of storing and handling chlorine.

Pool Maintenance in Miami

Pool owners who have implemented a salt water pool maintenance solution will be advantaged by having to do lower maintenance because this is basically a self-cleaning method. Periodically, pool owners or their Miami pool maintenance team will need to add salt to the chlorine generator. The generator will then convert the salt into chlorine as long as the pump is consistently running.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

When it comes to sanitizing water, chlorine is the go to method. However, traditional chlorine solutions and other chemical solutions can be an irritant to the skin, eyes and harmful if ingested. Utilizing natural salt is often seen as cleaner but also an eco-friendly pool maintenance solution.

Low Cost Maintenance

Adding salt to a chlorine generator can cost pool owners a low as $10 a month. The lower cost of a saltwater pool is a huge advantage of a traditional chlorine based pool. As the generator creates and pumps chlorine throughout the pool, this will greatly reduce algae from growing inside the pool. Through a method called electrolysis, chlorine is produced when water is pushed through the chlorine generator cell. Hypochlorous acid is created when chlorine is combined with water. This acid is the sanitation mechanism that kills the algae and various other harmful byproducts.

Robotic Cleaning Technology

Inground pool owners can utilize robotic pool cleaners to remove sand, small debris and silt that accumulates overtime in their pools. Automatic pool cleaners that utilize electric motors will effectively scrub the tile line as well as the walls of the pool. Another benefit of a robotic pool cleaner is for water circulation. The debris is vacuumed into a separate filter, and uses a computer technology to operate the system automatically.

Telescoping Cleaning Poles

Manual cleaner tools such as handheld vacuums, scrub brushes, skimmers utilize a telescoping pole which allows pool owners to clean the deep pool levels. With these pole extensions, pool maintenance can be conducted to get rid of the yellow and green algae forming at the bottom areas of the pool.
There are testimonies about the physical benefits of swimming in a salt water pool. Overall, the greatest benefit is in having an affordable pool maintenance solution as a Miami pool owner.