Rave Reviews

Charged card without providing service and had to basically beg them for reimbursement!!Contacted All Florida Pool for a hot tub cleaning, they asked for a document to be filled out with information and payment option and said they would call back went they received the document. Filled it out and sent it, but they did not call back and a month and a half later they charged the card WITHOUT providing the service. Called them for a reimbursement and had to wait for managers on 3 different calls to verify the information over and over again before reimbursement being approved. Had to call them over 6 times in two weeks, being assured that the money was being returned but no email confirmation or money was being received. On last call, they said they had tried to send the money but they no longer had the card on file so couldn’t return it (yet I got no call asking for the card information). Gave them the information again and within 5 minutes got the email receipt from them and saw the money pending to return on my card. Hoping the transaction does not fail.In all the calls I made they did not ONCE apologize for charging the card without providing a service.Two stars instead of one because they did in fact reimburse the money (or at least it’s pending) and because the call operators were nice (even if they didn’t apologize) and tried their best to help and resolve the issue.
Toya JonesToya Jones
14:51 23 Jun 22
This is the most professional business i have ran across. I love this company. Great communication always on the job . I totally recommend this company for all your pool and spa needs they are awesome 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Daniel JonesDaniel Jones
18:59 11 Jun 22
Sadly this is familiar, every change throws this company into a tail spin. It has been 2 weeks and 13 phone calls since they last showed up. My wife is currently on hold with them now. The people working in the field are great but the company does not seem to know how to get information from the office out to the field. If they pick up I hope they can help me with a pool service that actually shows up. My willingness to keep waiting is long past. Keep looking for a pool company.
Tony RiceTony Rice
15:28 22 May 22
Contracted All Florida Pools to maintain my salt water pool approximately a year ago. I have not been able to regularly enjoy my pool since they took over maintenance. The technician advised he couldn’t maintain the pool because it had “too much vegetation around it”. The company insist on direct deposit payment and now I see why. They automatically deduct $134/month and are supposed to maintenance the pool once per week. I’m lucky if they come once a month. Since I am rarely at the property they have taken advantage of my absence. When I call to investigate what’s the matter (Why is the pool green) I get a receptionist who advises a manager will call me back. Still waiting on that callback.
Pat LockePat Locke
22:24 07 Apr 22
Worst pool company in ever had. They took over my account from Mike O'Brien. I had them for 3 years and nothing but headaches. They wouldn't show up every week and had to call them. Constantly changing pool techs which I feel were never really trained properly. My last straw with them was this March 2022. I was out of town for 3 weeks and I believe they might have showed up the first week because my daughter was at the house 1 week after I left and said pool looked good. When I arrived home my pool was green as the grass (see pictures). They told me they were out on March 26. I arrived home on March 28 and the attached pictures were what my pool looked like. It would not look like that if they had properly taken care of the pool 2 days before I came home. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY unless you want major headaches.