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Having a spa in your families life can change the way you live everyday. You will make time to relax, communicate with you kids or loved one and heal your body. There are many different sizes, shapes and styles to choose. When shopping for any type of aquatic unit for a spa, hot tub, jacuzzi, portable spa, swimming pool, swim spa or aquatic fitness system, find the one that meets all of your wants and needs, and not just by price.

What is a SPA?

By the late 1930s, more than 2,000 hot- or cold-springs health resorts were operating in the United States. This number had diminished greatly by the 1950s and continued to decline in the following two decades. In recent past, spas in the U.S. emphasized dietary, exercise, or recreational programs more than traditional bathing activities.

Up until recently, the public bathing industry in the U.S. remained stagnant, nevertheless, in Europe, therapeutic baths have always been very popular, and remain so today. The same is true in Japan, where the traditional hot springs baths, known as onsen, always attracted plenty of visitors. (Wikipedia)

People have often use common names for these units like Jacuzzi, hot tub, therapy spa, hot spring, which is similar to Kleenex® and Xerox®. There are hundreds of brand name spas to choose, Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Sundance, Marquis, Cal Spa, Master Spa, Nordic, Sundance, Coast, Artesian, Spa-In-A-Box and Dimension One Spas.

All spas range in price from $895 to $19,995, but it depends on the size, style and features that you may desire. So whether the spa costs $2,000 to $20,000, if it is not the right one for you, will you buy it? No.

  1. Be sure to sit in the spa and make sure that it is comfortable.
  2. Make sure it can accommodate your immediate family with enough “FOOT ROOM”.
  3. Make sure that you understand the water management system to keep the water clean.

Many people misunderstand water management as an OZONATOR. There are many brands of ozonators, Prozone, Corona Discharge, Delzone and others. This unit is to designed to help “purify” the water and reduce, not eliminate the use of chemicals. One the keys to help the ozonator work effectively are having an off gassing contact chamber that will mix with the water. This will help to purify the water and break down that unwanted bacteria that can build up in the spa. The ozone gas needs to remain in the contact chamber for over twenty five seconds to be truly effective.

There are THREE important elements when you have your own personal spa. Having a spa stereo, fiber optic lights, television are all nice accessories, but what do you really desire when you visit your spa?

  1. Water should be CLEAN
  2. Water should NOT smell
  3. Water should be at the right TEMPERATURE.

If you had dirty, stinky water and it was cold, would you be happy? However, you have a stereo, lights and a television. Which outcome will be a better experience? If you choose a good one, you will have a good experience. If you choose a cheap or poorly designed one, you will have a poor experience.

What is a SWIM SPA?

This has been one the hottest additions to the pool and spa industry over the past ten years. At home, Aquatic Therapy is one of the most desired features for a home in the future for longer life and health. Swim spas have entered the market with many different names, such as Lap Pool, Current Pool, H2X, Power Pool, Hydro Pool, Exercise Pool, Endless Pool and Aquatic Fitness System. When selecting a swim spa, consider what type of work out that you plan to have in the unit. You may want to swim, train, stretch, row, or use an underwater treadmill to obtain a full aquatic workout. Make sure that the frame structure can handle all of pounding associated with a vigorous workout. The swim TEHTER is the key to a full swimming workout in the water. Without a swim tether, you will move from SIDE to SIDE in the water and may not be in control. In addition, check the size of the SWIM LANE to make sure that you have enough room from front to back. (Reach your hands over your head and see how tall you are. If a swim lane is only NINE FEET, it is not long enough for the average swimmer)

Insulation in a Spa or Swim Spa –

There have been many debates on the best insulation type in a spa, hot tub or swim spa. It is very simple; engineers will validate the fact that “VIBRATION CAUSES FAILURE”. There are nearly three hundred feet of hosing inside the average spa. If the water is passing through these pipes at a high velocity, the hoses will be shaking if FULL FOAM does not stabilize them. Although many will state that a Non-Full Foam spa is easier to fix, it is also guaranteed to fail.

A spa has not been made to perform as a window to trap dead air space as an insulator. Full foam will always out perform any other type of insulation; we use it in coolers, thermos and the walls of our home. If you want to reduce NOISE, Energy Bills and lower the potential for failure, find a spa with full foam.

The cover will also be a determining factor with your energy bills. A cover that seals to the shell and seals at the seam will provide you with a great lid. The foam inside the cover can range from 2 ¼” to 5” thick, but the density of the foam will offer the most strength. A steel support along the seam will also add strength to the cover to prevent a collapse in the center. A swim spa cover is going to more of a challenge to operate and it should be clear how you would remove it to workout. Check into an EZ Lift unit to make either unit more enjoyable to enter.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy with a Spa or Swim Spa –

There are many medical studies currently under review to examine all of the benefits of Hydrotherapy. If you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Rehumetory Arthritis, Sleep Disorders, Back or Knee Pain, a spa or swim spas could offer you fantastic in-home health care. It is always advised to consult your physician before using a spa, hot tub or swim spa. These units can be a life improvement to your family not matter what may be your condition including MENTALL WELLNESS and RELAXATION. Medical tax deductions may also be available with a doctor’s prescription but you will also need to consult your tax consultant.

Call it by any name that you want, but please review our full line of aquatic products to fit your family’s needs. Our expert aquatic consultants can help you find the best match for your and your family.