5 Common Types of Pool Repair in Miami

If you love your backyard jewel and can’t wait to dive in every day after work, then you need to make sure it’s always in great shape. And that means you need to know when it’s time for pool repair in Miami.

Pool Repair in Miami: Common Issues

If you’re like most of us, your pool is more than just a great way to relax: it’s also an investment. However, recuperating that investment, and better yet, increasing your returns on it, is only possible if the pool looks fantastic and functions properly. So making sure it’s well maintained is an investment in both healthy relaxation and your property. However, if you’re a first-time pool owner, you might not know what to look out for, so we’re listing five common types of pool repair:

  1. Damaged deck. Whether your deck is made of wood, tiles, flagstone or concrete, you want it to be both nice to look at and safe to walk around on. Cracks and holes can make your pool look shabby, which is something you definitely don’t want! They can also pose a hazard to anyone walking around, since you can trip up or stub your toes, resulting in injuries. Your pool company or landscaper can make the necessary repairs.
  2. Damaged pool liner. Vinyl, fiberglass and concrete are the three most-used materials for pools. Vinyl and concrete can both scratch, tear and crack, resulting in serious leaks. Fortunately, they can be easily patched, unless they’re very large or if it simply makes more financial sense to replace an older pool. Fiberglass is much stronger, but over time, it can react to the chemicals in the pool and become discolored.
  3. Cracked or broken tiles. Many swimming pools have decorative tiles around the sides. These can get cracked or broken due to cold or damage due to a hard object impact. The best way to repair these is to replace them.
  4. Broken filter. Your filter always needs to be in good working order to ensure the water is fit to swim in. Repairs are best done by a licensed pool technician.
  5. Broken pump. The pump is an integral part of your pool’s mechanism. If it doesn’t work properly, the quality of the pool water will degenerate and become unhygienic. A pool technician should make the necessary repairs.

Finding the Right Company for Pool Repairs in Miami

If you’re looking for a reliable pool repair company in Miami, call All Florida Pool! We have a long track record of serving satisfied customers in the Miami area, and can provide you with cost-effective, high quality pool repairs. Invest in your property and yourself: call us today!