3 Most Helpful Pool Maintenance Tools

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your pool clean, safe, and just as beautiful as the day you got it. With so many maintenance tools on the market, you may not know which ones are essential — especially if you’re a new pool owner. Read this checklist before you go shopping so you’ll know what items to look for.

1. Telescoping Pole With Vacuum Attachments

Even if you use a pool cover, leaves and dirt will eventually make their way into the water. A telescoping pole makes cleanup easy. It attaches to a vacuum head and hose, which then attaches to accessories like skimmer nets, leaf traps, and pool brushes. The main purpose of this tool is to remove large debris so it doesn’t clog the pool’s filters.

2. Replacement Filters

To keep your pool running efficiently, make sure you change the filters regularly. If you use cartridge filters, you’ll need to replace them every two weeks. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters should be changed when the pressure gauge is 10 psi higher than usual. If you have a sand filter, you only need to change the sand once every three to five years.

3. Chemicals Test Kit

This item is essential for pool safety. Without it, you have no way of knowing what type of chemicals your pool needs or whether the current chemical levels are even safe. A basic pool chemical test kit measures the water’s pH level, total alkalinity, chlorine and bromine levels, and acid demand. More expensive kits measure extra things like calcium hardening, base demand, salt content, iron levels, and copper levels.

You’ll also need chemicals for the pool, of course. If you don’t have any yet, grab a chemical startup kit for pool starting, maintenance, or closing.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. If you have any questions about pool maintenance or if you want to book professional pool services, contact All Florida Pool & Spa Center at 305-893-4036. Our experienced technicians look forward to helping you.