3 Amazing Upgrades for Pool Decks in Miami

Ignore what doubters say. Pool decks in Miami don’t have to be boring or irrelevant. Contrary to popular belief, pool decks can add so much more to the mood and aesthetic of your luxurious swimming pool. Too many homeowners in Miami pass up the chance to experience a truly great pool deck upgrade, and it can lead to some dire consequences. No upgrade in pool decking can send your home value down significantly due to a lack of safety or an appealing look. Poos with slippery, outdated decks can place everyone’s safety at risk, especially with children running around.

All Florida Pool & Spa offers innovative, revolutionary upgrades for pool decks in Miami. We’ll give your pool a brand new look that screams modern and excitement. All your pool parties will be made even better with a pool deck that contributes to the overall safety of all your guests. Even better, with your deck looking and feeling better than ever, those doubters will be silenced forever!

Pool Decks in Miami: Top 3 Upgrades

Whether it be new tiling, decorative concrete, or cool new water features, there’s a lot to be added to your deck to truly make it pop. Here are 3 upgrades you should definitely consider:

  1. Tiling: Are you tired of looking your pool deck’s faded, tame appearance? Then you should definitely consider tiling which can bring your pool deck into 21st Tiling can sport a traditional, old-school look while giving off the vibe it’s got its eyes on the future. Visually, it can reel guests in with creative, never-seen-before design and patterns. You may even want 3D glasses to view all of its dimensions!
  2. Deck Paving: A deck with a smoother service is always a good thing and with deck paving from All Florida Pool & Spa, you can have a deck smoothed with concrete or natural stone. Decks without paving experience cracks and chipping that can result in serious injury if you trip. Fortunately, a smoother surface can provide greater comfort and, more importantly, ensure greater poolside safety.
  3. Brick: Brick layering will give pool decks in Miami a warmer, more inviting feel with an alluring red color and patterns. Brick is also known for its amazing durability, meaning you’ll face less of a risk of having to constantly call a professional service to maintain your deck.

Contact All Florida Pool & Spa today to learn more about how to upgrade pool decks in Miami. Give your pool deck the slick, modern look it deserves!